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Sakurai Ikuya Dance Solo 
”Ur-Speak ”
17th and 18th July. 2021

Roppongi, Tokyo

Dance, Choreograph, Lightingdesign, Original music and Sound collage = SAKURAI Ikuya

Art installation, Costume = SAKURAI Emiko

Production = CROSS-SECTION


Sakurai's performance was postponed from the spring of 2020 due to the influence of Corona-virus. In this performance, he explores the most fundamental powers of dance.The original Japanese title of this work is "Chi-no-kotoba", which is a poetic expression that means a words dissolved in blood. The Japanese voice "chi", which means blood, may mean the earth or breast milk with the same pronunciation.In this work, he expresses thoughts about primitive language impulses and dance, as well as thoughts about the relationship between the body and Logos. And it will be overlaps with our silence and oppression that has emerged due to the current corona situation.

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