Sakurai Ikuya is a dancer/choreographer based in Tokyo. 

He became a pupil of Kasai Akira . In 1997, he has created a company with artist Emico Sakurai a company “Sakurai Ikuya/CROSS-SECTION”. 

Until this date, he has created and performed more than 60 dance pieces, and also has been teaching professionals and amateurs, through exploring the new possibilities of butoh.

2000: Participated in "Theater X(cai)" International Dance Festival Tokyo.

2001and 2006-2009: Participated continuously in "Dance Hakushu" Festival directed by Tanaka Min.

2002: Choreographed for NHK educational TV Program.

2006: Invited from 10th “a sul” Contemporary Dance Festival in Portugal.

2012: participate in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Niigata Japan.

2012: Invited from "Centre culturel régional Dudelange", and "Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois" , LUXEMBOURG.

2014: participated in Naka-Boso International Art Festival Japan.

2015: Invited from NAGASAKI for the Day of the Atomic Bombing. 

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